RLC State Chair

Sandra Belzer Brendale, our state chairwoman, speaking at this year's state kickoff in January in Yakima. The event was a HUGE success!

Standing Room Only

Our Washington State Kickoff in January ended up being a HUGE success with standing room only! We had 160+ attendees and we're growing every day!

Titanium Team Plus

Some of our featured speakers and true statesmen/woman are Representatives Matt Shea, David Taylor, Jason Overstreet, Elizabeth Scott, and Jeff Holy

Seattle and Beyond

The RLC of King County is one of our state's largest chapters, chaired by Matt Dubin

All Around the Sound

We have several county chapters surrounding Puget Sound including chapters in King County, Pierce County, and Snohomish County

We Span the State

Our membership consists of farmers, ranchers, business owners, stay at home moms, and other everyday people just like you

Why the Republican Liberty Caucus?

Why The RLC? Do you believe that we need to turn America back to the nation of liberty she once was under the Constitution? Do you agree that the GOP has lost its way? Would you like to help us turn both around? You can! We are the Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington State, an action committee of people just like you, who know that we were endowed with certain unalienable rights by our Creator. We will work tirelessly to replace any politician who does not defend and support those rights and liberties, and we are committed to educating our friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens about those same rights and liberties and what they can do themselves to protect them.

 "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."

 - Barry Goldwater

Please watch the short video below explaining the WA State RLC and then join us today in becoming part of the change you wish to see in the world. We have chapters in several counties listed here on our website. Don't see your county? Contact us about starting your own!